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The Professor, His Wife the Doctor, and Nordisk

The story of Novo Nordisk begins in 1922. A Danish couple, August and Marie Krogh, were traveling in America. Marie, who suffered from type 2 diabetes, was a doctor and researcher in metabolic diseases. August was a University of Copenhagen professor with a Nobel Prize in physiology.

While in America, the Kroghs heard of two Canadian researchers, Frederick Banting and Charles Best, who were treating people with diabetes using an insulin extract from bovine pancreases. Because of Marie's diabetes, the Kroghs were very interested in this treatment and were granted permission to produce insulin in Denmark.

On their return to Denmark, August Krogh founded Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium with Hans Christian Hagedorn, a specialist in the regulation of blood sugar. They had the financial support of pharmacist August Kongsted. On December 21, 1922, Nordisk successfully extracted a small quantity of insulin from a bovine pancreas. The first patients were treated in 1923.