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Cost of Diabetes Study

A study of the total cost of diabetes, commissioned by Novo Nordisk, has been published in Diabetes Care, along with an editorial on the study's significance by Dr. William Cefalu, the journal's Editor in Chief; Dr Robert Ratner, the Chief Scientific & Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association (ADA); and Matt Petersen, ADA's Director of Information Resources.

The study found that the total cost of diabetes and prediabetes rose 48% over the 5-year period from 2007-2012, growing from $218 to $322 billion1,3 for both medical expenditures and reduced productivity:

Diabetes: A Heavy Economic Burden

The study estimated that the average annual economic burden of diabetes on each individual American is now approximately $1,000.1 When expressed as the average annual burden for each person with diagnosed diabetes, costs have increased by 10%, rising from $9,975 in 2007 to $10,970 in 2012.1,3

The analysis also includes cost and prevalence data, broken down by state. Five states represent 37% of the total national medical costs of diabetes.1


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