Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States

Government Affairs

Novo Nordisk Government Affairs ensures that the voices of our patients, employees and company are heard in the halls of Congress and state capitals, and by the White House and federal agencies including HHS and CMS. We are leading the way to change diabetes and chronic disease in America by advocating for improved detection, treatment, and care and better outcomes. Our team constantly explores how domestic and global policy issues affect patient care and participates in coalitions and partnerships to bolster our ability to serve our stakeholders.

Federal Government Affairs

In Washington, D.C., our team represents the concerns of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to help shape legislative policy, regulatory actions and public debate on the federal level. A key function of our job is to educate policymakers in Congress and the Executive Branch and their staffs about diabetes, chronic disease, Novo Nordisk’s products and the Triple Bottom Line. An important piece of this education is increasing awareness about the potential impacts of laws and regulations on the health and well-being of Americans.

The team promotes federal support and funding for policies with proven records of success, including the National Diabetes Prevention Program and Special Diabetes Program. In collaboration with advocacy organizations and industry groups such as the Diabetes Advocacy Alliance, PhRMA, Bio and AdvaMed, the government affairs team works to elevate important initiatives on the national agenda.

State Government Affairs

Across the country, our government affairs team advocates for the needs of people with diabetes and chronic diseases in their state legislatures. Focused on increasing patient access to quality care and treatments, the team works closely with state policymakers to secure placement of innovative and existing therapies on state formularies and the implement reimbursement strategies. The team coordinates with key organizations such as the National Governor’s Association and National Conference of State Legislatures to support positions on nationwide issues, including Medicare/Medicaid and pricing.

Public Policy

We believe that early detection and quality care are the elements necessary to extend and improve the lives of people living with diabetes, hemophilia, and growth hormone disorders. Our mission is to inform and influence policy to promote access to care for the patients we serve and to communicate the impact of healthcare reform. Through collaboration with federal agencies, policymakers, advocacy organizations and other internal and external stakeholders,our goal is to promote prevention and treatment efforts to ultimately turn best practices into public policy.