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The Diabetes Advocacy AllianceTM (DAA)

As a coalition of 20 members representing patient advocacy organizations, professional societies, trade associations, other nonprofit organizations, and corporations, the DAA is committed to changing the way diabetes is viewed and treated in America. The member organizations work together to:

  • Increase awareness among policymakers about the enormous challenges that diabetes poses to US health, health care, and prosperity
  • Educate policymakers about how legislation and public policy can help rein in the growth in the number of people with diabetes, and reduce the burden of the serious complications associated with the disease
Members of the coalition are:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists 
American Association of Diabetes Educators 
American Clinical Laboratory Association 
American Diabetes Association 
American Medical Association
American Optometric Association
American Podiatric Medical Association
Diabetes Hands Foundation
Endocrine Society
Healthcare Leadership Council 
National Association of Chain Drug Stores 
National Association of Chronic Disease Directors 
National Community Pharmacists Association
National Kidney Foundation
Novo Nordisk Inc.
Omada Health
Pediatric Endocrine Society
YMCA of the USA
VSP® Vision Care

Novo Nordisk Inc. is proud to be a founding member and co-chair of this coalition. Other DAA co-chairs are the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Learn more about the work of the DAA by visiting www.diabetesadvocacyalliance.org.